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Q: Do I need to be a licensed waterproofer to use these products?
A: No. You can use the majority of our products at home without the need for a licensed waterproofer. However, we recommend that the relevant government regulations and Australian standards are followed: 
AS 3740 – Internal Wet Areas
AS 4654.3 – External Waterproofing Above Ground

Q: Which Products do I NEED a waterproofer to apply?
A: While all our products are user friendly, it is advised tat a licensed waterproofer be utilised should there be an question of application ability. Some products also require specialty equipment such as our HP1200.

Q: What if there is already existing waterproofing down?
A: It is our strong recommendation that any previous systems in place should be removed in order to ensure the performance of Envirosystems Products.

Q: What is the standard warranty I can receive on your products?
A: Our products can receive warranties up to 25 years with correct application. Please consult Envirosystems Technologies, for project specific warranty information.

Q: Do I HAVE to use a primer?
A: It is highly recommended that where specified, the correct Envirosystems primer is applied as perinstructions.

Q: I would like to use HP1200 on my project can you recommend any applicators?
A: Yes. We have a complete database of waterproofers who have been trained and certified to apply our HP1200 waterproof membrane.

Q: Can I use other products in conjunction with your products?
A: It is possible in some instances to use other brands in conjunction with the approval of Envirosystems Technologies. For further information please contact us.

Q: The colour of Enviro Clad that I have chosen is close, but not the exact shade that I need. Can I get it tinted?
A: Yes. Enviro Clad can be tinted up to 10% at a maximum.

Q: What is the difference between the water-based and solvent based polyurethane?
A: The 2 products have slightly variant applications. The water and solvent base waterproof membranes also have respective primers and cleaning agents as well. Both are completely applicable to internal waterproofing.

Q: I have used the Enviro 700PUR but my tiler is concerned the surface is too smooth to tile to, what can I do?
A: Because of the lowered viscosity of the solvent based polyurethane, it 09ds to dry smoother than the water base. Although comprehensive testing has been undertaken to ensure sufficient adhesion occurs between the membrane and Enviro GTA, a fine layer of sand can be cast into the 700 to give added tacticity for the tile glue to set around.

Q: How long can I wait before the UV protection needs to be applied to my non-UV stable membrane.
A: It is important that non-UV stable membranes are not exposed to sunlight for too long. It is recommended by Envirosystems to cover the membrane within a week of application and no longer than 2 weeks.

Q: Do I need to use fabric with my membrane?
A: This is product specific. The technology Enviro employs means a lot of our membranes no no longer require fabric reinforcement. A few of our older technologies we still recommend the use of fabric reinforcement.

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